Dirty Feet Crew Team Riders

Lucas Godfrey

Lucas Godfrey: Born and raised on the North shore of Oahu, living in the beautiful hills of Pupukea. Strecthing the realm of free surf everyday representing everything that co exist with the lifestyle of Dirty Feet Crew.  Whether its pulling in at Pipeline or pulling up to the party you know he knows whats good. Follow hin on instagram to find out where this surfer is charging at next!


Francisco Peterson

Francisco Peterson, also known as Pancho, is a Hawaii based surfer/DJ born in Mexico. At a young age he was blessed with the opportunity to grow up on the North Shore of Oahu, gaining recognition for his vibrant personality and Pro/Am surfing career. Over the years, Pancho has earned the right to 3 state championship titles and placed second in the US surfing championships back in 2017. You can catch him in the water surfing, or entertaining people through his music. Pancho is an inspiring individual with genuine conversation and great insight on world views, which makes him a valuable asset to Dirty Feet Crew.


Jacob apilando

One of the youngest surfers representing Dirty Feet Crew, Jacob Apilando is still persuing his surfing career. Jacob Apilando is also a respected Free surf and Free skate beast, giving new life to the next generation.  A individual that represents just as hard as he respects where he comes from.


Kalani Rivero

A semi pro surfer Kalani Rivero has still to hit the peak in his young surfing career. Whether its a free surf session or in a contest you always gonna want to see what this kid is pulling off! Raised on the North Shore of Oahu he Represents with his ability to stay air born!


Chris Stacy

chance king

A mysterious mixture of  disregard to wave height and the will to be more than regular, Chance King charges when its closing out. From a young age this surfer never feared the ocean and has still to see the pinacle of his big wave free surfing career. A solid born and raised North Shore Boy representing it to the fullest.