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All lesson's 2 hours & include  

A rash guard,surf  board, sunscreen and water, all insctructor's are expert watermen and are trained proffesionals. Every lesson is treated as more than just a surf lesson it's the chance to share the ocean with a new person. We begin with suiting up in the parking lot and a brief check of swimming levels. Then a short walk to the beach, once on the beach a description of the line-up(where people sit to catch waves)and current patterns. We will teach you how to paddle and stand up on the beach, show you which foot to put your leash on and we are in the water! All ages welcome, we do tandem lessons as well (2 people on 1 board)  book a lesson today!! We are giving out discount's for booking online!! Use the promo code  North Shore 1, 2 or 3 to receive discount's for booking online.

discounted lessons

private lesson (1 on 1) 

save $20 (code: north shore 1 )


semi private (2 people)

save $50 (code: north shore 2 )


use promo code north shore 1, 2 or 3

3-12 people

$60 a person save up to $120

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All lessons 2 hours

Private lesson

1 on 1 with instructor


semi private lesson

2 people with 1 instructor $100.00 each


standard pricing

group lesson #1

3-5 people $75 each person


group lesson #2

6-12 people $65 each person


Lifestyle surf instructors provide best experince possible

Lucas Godfrey

Sick edit dropped, of Lucas Godefrey charging! Book a lesson today to get a chance to learn from this amazing surfer and many others! The best watermen around Dirty Feet Crew provides a one of a kind experience with the ocean.

(Braden Smith) All ages, all swimming level's welcome. Book online today!

first time surfer stands up!

Surfing wih the dirty feet crew

2 hour lesson gives you plenty of time to get comfortable in the water. We will get you up and standing, with the best watermen on the North Shore of Oahu, we promise an unforgetable experience. Here is Chance King (Lead Instructor) with first time surfer Tiffany!

more than just a surf lesson

(<----- a video of our instructors !!) All surf lessons include rash guard, board, sun screen and water, Dirty Feet Crew is more than just a Surfing Academy providing local knowledge and hospitibale experince! Once booking with Dirty Feet Crew Surfing Academy the full North shore of Oahu lifestyle will become apparant. Wether you want to know the best places to eat or best places to watch the sunset, the Dirty Feet Crew treats everyone like family to ensure the best possible trip to Hawaii!! Surfing Lessons, Clothing, Nightlife events are all things that the DFC coordinates and can make your trip to Hawaii one to remember!!

Surf lessons for all ages all swimming capabilities weights, all are welcome there is also the oppertunity to request photographer to be on site! 

 well trained intructors

Young Kaimana catches his first wave at the age of 5 years old, All experience levels welcome!All lessons include rash guard,board rental,sunscreen and water. Lessons are 120$ for a private 2 hour lesson(1 person) 200$ for semi private 2 person 2 hour lesson 100$ a person, Then a group of 3 - 5 people in a group is $75 each,  groups 6- 12 people $65 a person!!

DFC surfing academy has the best North Shore Beach Boys to give you a wonderful time in the water, prepared to get anyone up and standing. These 2 hour lessons can help any type or surfer wether you want to learn about the surf spot and tides or just get up and standing. Book online today!

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 Tiff catches her very first wave ever, gets right up and rides it out. All levels of experince welcome, Book today the ocean is so much fun! Also gain local knowledge from our born and raised surf instructor's

Tiffany webb

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Affordable luxury provided daily.

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Dirty Feet Crew Surfing Academy

All levels welcomed

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