Lifestyle Brand

When one Dirty Feet Crew artist plays and event (Wonderland 2015) the crew gets together to support each other. A lifestyle clothing brand that values music art and sports to define itself. A Hawaii born and raised company, remembering its roots!

(to the left) This picture was taken on the last day of the Scorpio campout! What a great weekend where all the right people in the right place made for one heck of a camp out!!

(to the right) Our next campout is an annual campout with a new location!! Alien resistance 2 Returning the tribes!! This will be on july 28th 2018 in the hills of kunia at aDragon Fruit Farm with beautiful views of waikiki and lychee trees to boot!! If you missed Scaopio campout you wont want to miss this one!! go get invited!!

With a strong small town based business mentality supporting the young local surfers skaters etc. is What the Dirty Feet Crew ohana is all about! With support from the community Dirty Feet Crew have grown from a thought to a stronghold for hopes and dreams of young individuals in the community whether your a up and coming fisherman who need help with travel to a tournament or a surfer who needs to get to National's in California Dirty Feet Crew always has a helping hand!

This picture was taken after Chance King and Jared (the buckness) Adams played 2  iconic live sets at Wonderland Hawaii. 

Chance King,Jared Adams,Kekua Betancourt