Dirty Feet Crew presents The Buckness & Submersive Hawaii Tour

Dirty Feet Crew 

Dirty Feet Crew artist's pull off 3 shows in 24 hours, oahu boat cruises, to Hawaiian Brian's to Alien Nation II.

@thebucknessofficial hawaii recap

Recap of the king of buckness return to Hawaii, what a great time cant wait to see you again brother.

Dirty feet crew takeover ktuh honolulu

(From right to left) DJ Mike Curtis, Clayton (submersive) Lyneberger, Jared(The Buckness) Adam's Dirty Feet Crew Artist's takeover DJ Mike Curtis time slot which is on every Friday 2- 4 on 90.1 fm Honolulu .

Music by Chance King: Dirty Feet Crew Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle Brand

When one Dirty Feet Crew artist plays and event (Wonderland 2015) the crew gets together to support each other. A lifestyle clothing brand that values music art and sports to define itself. A Hawaii born and raised company, remembering its roots!

Elephant Shack with darrius 

What an awesome event with @darriusmusic flying out to Hawaii for a reunion with the Dirty Feet Crew. With a stack line up of 5 DJS including DJ skinny Sam Champagne Chance King and Francisco Peterson and a special guest DJ Eazy what a night to remember. The North Shore of  Oahu never seen no party like this before! Check out our events page for more information on up and coming events!!

This picture was taken after Chance King and Jared (the buckness) Adams played 2  iconic live sets at Wonderland Hawaii. 

Chance King,Jared Adams,Kekua Betancourt

Team rider Jacob Apilando

Taking 3rd in the nation at nationals in California in 2018, Jacob Apilando keeps the trend going of Dirty Feet Crew surfer's taking top spots each year at Nationals. Last year Francisco Peterson got 2nd place in the Nation.

Here is the DFC team at paradiso 2018 thrown by USC event's. Chance King opened the mainstage after winning the 2018 Paradiso DJ invitational, entering all of his own music in a mix was a risk that paid off.

Dirty Feet Crew 

Sticking together is what the Dirty Feet Crew is all about no matter where you are from you dont need your shoes to have a good time!! Teaching each other how to grow and helping each other find the right path to success, while teaching the next generation to conserve and respect. A true lifestyle clothing company from surfing to sport fishing, from making music to dancing with fire, the Dirty Feet Crew supports and does it all!

From social gatherings to beach clean-ups we strive to pave the way for future generation's to persue thier dreams and respect the enviorment.  Even providing surf lesson's to share the beauty of Hawaii with visitor's, so they can enjoy the ocean safe and effectively.

enjoying island life

Dirty Feet Crew is always living island life, visiting other island's and going on adventure's. From lava hikes to swimming with marine life, free diving, surfing ,skate boarding, playing shows and meeting new people always something happening! A diverse group of individuals enjoying Hawaii making new friend's,  networking new prospect's from artists to venue's to surf spots and more!