June 29th Siam Paradise

Dirty Feet Crew take over of Siam Paradise(1336 Dillingham Blvd Honolulu HI) is a monthly event at the beloved Siam Paradise restaurant and sports bar. Serving food till 12am and with 2 pool tables, when the Dirty Feet Crew come threw with fire music the venue gets rocked! 9 Dynacord subwoofers 10 tops and over 10,000 dollars in lighting equipment this new venue has the compacity to rage! With events running every month Thomas Garcia on July 13th, who knows who will play there next! Stay posted!! 

Submersive & The Buckness july 27th 2018

A night of hard music at Hawaiian Brians, show casing some of the hardest music around! Submersive music (@submersivemusic)is killing the trance scene in L.A playing Avalon Hollywood and many other huge events. Last time submersive music came to Hawaii it was New years 2017-2018 and a crowd of 500 people charged a mountain on the North Shore of Oahu. J-ROD (@thebucknessofficial) A home coming for this Hawaii native,He always brings hardest newest music he has to offer.  Coming fresh off a show he played in Vegas EDC week hes ready to show Hawaii what Hardstyle is!!

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Alien Campout #2

In the beautiful mountains of Kunia, an untouched camp site with breathtaking views of  Honolulu. At the top of a secluded mountain road(no need for 4x4) threw 2 gates to insure good vibes only! All patrons will be close fiends and family, there will be limited space, over 7 DJS and  and a huge sound system with the lights to boot! With the awesome view for sunrise!! this party will go all night and camp sites will be available. Package deals with camp site and entry and food/drink will be available. All of these key demographics make for one campout to not miss!!We are reuniting the tribes! Switching up the location after some disagreements with neighbors last year. Location details upcoming, but it's in kunia. Multiple DJs to be announced in the coming months as well.

This is a unifying event. Please only invite those that you know can contribute in a meaningful and positive way! That said, I hope to bring together as many of our amazing, talented, beautiful interstellar friends as possible to celebrate and enjoy this tiny little rock in the Milky Way that we some how all ended up on.

Camping location available of course. More details to come as I finalize some things. Location to be announced...


june 15th - 16th the gorge ampitheater

Dirty Feet Crew artist Chance King representing Hawaii at Paradiso Festival 2018. Entering his 100% original music mixed into a fire entry for the DJ Invitational Paradiso 2018 music festival.  With 900 votes he will be opening the mainstage at 2:00 Friday June 15th 2018. See you all there!!

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