chance king

Raised on Oahu’s famed North Shore in Hawaii, Chance King’s roots are deep in country living. The thrills and beauty of the Pacific Ocean have shaped his core: a true soul surfer. As a youth Chance competed in surf contests, learned to free-dive and spearfish, and charged the monstrous waves of Waimea Bay. As a young adult, surfing took him to Bali, where he sought the adventure and perception only travel and life experience can bring. He was a part of the beggining of the Dirty Feet Crew (DFC) clothing company with a lifelong friend in 2014, representing the “no shoes, no shirt, no problem” attitude prevalent in the islands. Persistent with his no-holds-barred upbringing, Chance had already been well connected to the island EDM scene, and would set up his decks to spin at underground beach raves or at parties deep in the mountains. During this time he worked with Wonderland Entertainment Group on Oahu, and within a year he was playing the Main Stage to over 5,000 people at their events. Chance King has since shared the stage with artists such as Ghastly, Yellow Claw, Marshmello, Aryay and Dr. Fresch, and has been featured on Hawaii radio stations 102.7 Da Bomb and KTUH 90.3FM, with appearances at nationally renowned clubs like Exchange LA, Sutra OC, and Asylum Confidential. Now an ICON Collective student, Chance King is 100% focused on music production in LA, combining the spirit of the ocean with the freedom of sound to build a repertoire of music to be heard worldwide.


Chance King - jurassic

With this kind of clean sound you know this young producer is headed straight to the top. With an arsenal of un released music ready to fire off cn't wait to hear the more of this future house sound!


Perfecting his craft for over more than a decade, Technique has gained notoriety as one of Hawaii's most versatile DJ/Turntablists earning him residencies respectively in the Mainstream Club, Underground Hip-Hop & EDM scenes and has taken his talent to the states & abroad.



Originally resided from San Jose CA, this hardstyle enthusiast has emerged from the seeds of hard dance music at a young age. introduced to the dance music scene in Hawaii in 2007 really opened his eyes to a whole new world of beauty, artistry, and influence. Becoming a DJ and creating his own sound became a new passion for Jared, as he set foot into new doors to explore the art and craft of Hardstyle. From then on he has continued to make an impact on the Hard Dance scene in Hawaii & shared stages alongside artists like Angerfist, Kutski, Lady Faith, Darksiderz, Seven Lions, Infected Mushroom and many more. While pushing out his own productions with deep reverse basslines, techy drum beats, and tempo changing bucknesss. Prepare for ground stomping and shoulder leaning activity!


J-rod The Buckness returns intro edit

The buckness never fails to get you moving with swift drops and hardstyle, this music is as hard as can be!


As a perpetual student of the turntables, Packo has been a staple in the underground hip hop and electron-

ic dance culture since the turn of the new millennium. Amongst the pool of deejays in today’s society, he has found his niche as being Hawaii’s most distinguished “scratch artist,” bringing to the table more than just mash- ing buttons and moving a crowd, instead carving out the sounds of how he hears the world around him. With much attention to detail with every move, the ten plus year vet ensures quality in sound and vibration in everything he comes into contact with. Rooted in the islands of Hawaii, he’s found the drive from his fellow peers and icons to endeavor in and carry the torch for being recognized as one of the most notable “turntablist.” Humbly, he speaks, shares, and teaches with great passion for the art form, and also by utilizing and regarding the turntable as an

actual musical instrument.



Traveling far and wide to pioneer a fresh new sound to one of the oldest genres of dance music, SUBMERSIVE of Los Angeles is drenching listeners in a multi-sensory experience through the powerhouse anthems of progressive trance and psytrance. Producing under the artist name SUBMERSIVE, which stems from submerging one’s self in the subsonic bass frequencies of music, the trail-blazing 26 year old producer takes listeners on an ethereal journey beyond the tangible world. “The goal of my music is to give people a transcendent experience in a musical environment,” explains SUBMERSIVE, who has become an innovator of new sound within the structured genre. Though SUBMERSIVE is already making strides in the LA music scene, his sonic revolution started years ago when he first discovered the power of rhythm. In this modern age of endless sub-genres and song redudancy, SUBMERSIVE proves that Trance continues to be a cornerstone of electronic dance music. “Trance, in my opinion,” SUBMERSIVE explains, “is the continuation of what the earliest humans discovered: the connection between music and soul, and that’s what I aim to accomplish with every one of my songs.”

Submersive at Avalon, Hollywood - January 12, 2018

Coming to Hawaii July 27th at Hawaiian Brians and also playing at the Alien Campout on the 28th.

DJ skinny

DJ $kinny is a young DJ from the small town of Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu. His banging tech house sets can be heard throughout the island in various clubs and house parties. He's known for his original mixes, Low frequency basslines, and soulful melodies that drive your body to dance euphoria. DJ $kinny may be young, but his skills are a force to reckon with. Keep an eye on him as we move further into 2018.



Francisco Peterson born and raisd acclaimed surfer sets his sights on a musical career. With the drive of a champioFrancisco Peterson has been playing events all over Hawaii in his break out year of 2018. With major skills on the decks no telling when Francisco Peterson will make the leap to producing his own music!!




A new up and coming DJ who grew up on the north shore of oahu. music has always been been a part of his life because of his musical background and his dad who is a well know reggae artist across the world. his love for music and his rastafarian background shows through his music playing all different variations of house including afro house, swag house, g house, some trance and bass house. he’s also passionate about hip-hop, r&b, grime, reggae and dancehall. some of the dj’s that inspired his style are black coffee, eric morillo, destructo, and hot since 82. be on the lookout for this artist as he starts his dj career with DFC

Eat A MANGO (Sal Padilla)

Born and raised on Long Island, NY. The North Shore of Long Island actually to be exact. Just about an Hour and a Half train ride from the center of one of the hottest underground music scenes in the world, NYC. His roots began with hip-hop which can sometimes be influenced with his sound, but his life completly changed when he saw Porter Robinson at Webster Hall for the 1st time in 2010. Music has been a major part of his life, but after that night music was the key to his life. Moving to Oahu later that year to follow his dreams of living in the tropics, he began taking his musical ear to the decks, developing his sound from events around the island thrown by the Dirty Feet Crew, The Purple Room, Secret Sopsyety and Asylum Confidential. Playing along side North Shore Local Legends, Chance King, DJ Skinny and Pancho at our favorite beach and mountain events, but keeps fiending for moreeee !!